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Electric Embossers

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* Remove die holder from your hand seal and install
* Unlimited number of different seals can be used
* Quick change for fast and easy seal insertion
* Tested to 20,000 impressions
* Designed for one sheet of 20-24# paper
* One year/20K warranty with SMART activation

Email your embossing seal requirements to sales@jtreurubberstamps.com

Custom design embossers may be priced higher.

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* Available with forensic impression identity
* Patented Direct Drive Patent #5,461,976
* Warranty: Two years uo to 200k impressions
* Impression depth approximately 2-1/2"
* Durable brass die and alloy counter
* Requires 1110-120VAC - weight 13 pounds

Email your embossing seal requirements to sales@jtreurubberstamps.com

Custom dsigns embossers may be priced higher. 
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